I need some suggestion about a VR company

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  1. As a VR video player(MermaidVR) founder, I feel losing in VR area.
    We spend whole year for developing a VR video player.
    We supported Oculus rift, Steam VR, Gear VR, professional for VR videos, and also developed a browser for it.
    But as a free APP on Steam & Oculus, we don't have any income from our App.
    And we got some offensive remarks.
    I really need some idea for our company,about our future .
    We should earn money to keep it run, but seems it is not easy to be famous or just let people download our APP.
    Our professional around the code of videos, online stream.
    If you got any idea for our company, Please help us.
  2. Hi there! Installed the player. I think the app works fine. For me, its a problem of all these formats and the content. Tried netflix, it doesnt work. Tried two 360 video, one works, the other doesnt. My really first contact with VR was on the Kaleidoscope Festival two years ago. I think i watched there 14 mostly art movies with the Samsung Gear. It was amazing. Then in january 2017, i bought the rift. i searched all the amazing content i saw at the festival for seeing it again in a better quality. It was impossible. Some movies are at "Transport", the others are at XYZ, others are not available. I wrote mails to the artists. Some send me links .. then in february 2017 (i think) i wanted to see a webm-Video on the rift - impossible with sound .. so sadly i stopped looking for 360 content on the web. I use "within" for watching 360 content in a good quality or i buy the experiences when they come to the stores.
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  3. Hi
    Could you tell me which format of the 360 video that you can't play by MermaidVR?
    Nice to see you here, seems you are a big fans of VR.
    About Netflix, We update the browser in next version, need time to test. It must be supported.
    We had build this company over one year, next week our app will supported gear VR, do you think is it a good idea?
  4. Hi! It was a mp4 file. the file was corrupt, i tested it again. So i have a few suggestions and notes. In the preferences (german language) you have the option (backgrounds) „Küsten“. I would say its a beach – „Strand“ in german ;). When i use the preferences window, there is no possibility to close it in the window. i must use the home-button for it. And when netflix doesnt work, communicate it on the website in the right way. f.e. netflix-support is coming soon .. yes, the website .. built a modern one, design, design, design .. informations .. what makes MermaidVR unique? Why this player and not one of the other ones?
    Occulus Go is coming very soon. So its really important to support Gear VR and Oculus Go. Maybe its the point to start again for you! : And .. you are doing a good job! ;) Dont bother about what idiots say! Cheers – Andy.

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